Olive Garden’s 49 Day Pass: Genius or Bust?

It’s been reported that Olive Garden has suffered some decline in recent times and there is much curiosity on their newest promotion which piggybacks on their existing Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion. The gist is that for $100, a single

Statigram is Now Iconosquare

Well, we can’t say that Iconosquare exactly rolls off the tongue like Statigram does, and we are rebels and still call it Statigram.  Thank goodness when we do refer to this awesome tool to an unfamiliar person that they can

Super Bowl Ad: Budweiser does it again with Puppy Love

Well, they did it again.  The brains behind the Budweiser Super Bowl ad had us in tears once again! Well, good tears, so no need to worry! In our opinion, why was it so good!?!? Here’s our run down: 1.

How to Approach Facebook Ads

Facebook has so many ways to “promote” and to “boost” your page and its posts. It used to just be a “Create Ad” approach, but now the mega social platform will get you any way they can – even if

Proofreading Your Marketing Collateral

The time doesn’t stop for any us and we often find ourselves in a time crunch. Too many tasks to complete and you wonder if it’s all going to come crashing down on you or if you will somehow find

The Brand Awareness Ingredient

Often times when I mention the word “branding” I get a somewhat puzzled or blank stare followed with the question, “What is branding?”. Well, in a nutshell, it’s your identity – hence, your “brand”. I’ll then throw out a few

Attention Exhibitors: Use the Press Room!

Today was yet another example of attending a trade show where over 90% of the show’s exhibitors have zero presence in the Media Center or Press Room. We can use these terms Media Center and Press Room interchangeably as they

How to Choose Social Media Avenues

How many social media sites are out there for you to use? Tons and tons! Have you ever seen a site where it literally offers you over 15 ways to share their content? It’s much better to use social media

Just Drop It in the Dropbox

Files upon files upon files. How do we keep our desks organized and even more importantly, our computer files? Sometimes I take for granted that everyone knows about some kind of Cloud storage, but I realize that my Dropbox capacity

Which Domain Extension is Right for You?

  While most have a .com domain name extension, you will also find many who have a .net, .biz or even .info extension. While choosing a business name is usually your first order, I advise people to think about the

What’s in a Name?

Every extension of marketing equates to the development of creative concepts. That is, except for one thing and I’m quite adamant about it. When it comes to the spelling of your company name it needs to be something that the

Third time is a charm for blog

Well this is a bit annoying. Technology has bitten us once again. We have finally launched the overhaul of our new site and – whoops – we accidentally lost ALL of our past blog entries…again.  A more genius move would